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IN CONVERSATION: The Third Doctor- Pre Orders Now Online

The cover for the three-disc exclusive boxset!

The cover for the three-disc exclusive boxset!

Pre Orders for the Third Doctor interview collection are now online.

Click here to pre-order!

After a few delays in production of the boxset, we’re thrilled to announce that our special three disc collection is now up for pre-order with orders materialising to your homes from next week. The boxset contains a collection of interviews with stars from the Third Doctor era including a very special interview with the Doctor himself, Jon Pertwee. The Product Synopsis is as followed:

“From 3rd January 1970–8th June 1974, Jon Pertwee played the Doctor in a range of exciting episodes mainly set during an exile on Earth as the Scientific Advisor for UNIT. In this exclusive collection, we bring you interviews with some of the lead people in the series including two rare recordings featuring the Doctor himself, Jon Pertwee, and Liz Shaw, Caroline John. Plus we bring exclusive interviews with Captain Mike Yates, Richard Franklin, and Sergeant Benton, John Levene. Plus Terrance Dicks talks about his Doctor Who work. On top of the interviews, we bring you bonus content from a timeline of Pertwee’s era to memories of meeting Jon Pertwee.

It’s a collection every Whovian should own…”

The boxset comes in a three disc DVD case with the interviews spread across three discs. A small booklet will also feature inside the DVD case with disc information printed in. We are also hoping to get printed CD art completed as well. The best thing as all: the boxset is only £6+P&P. Each is hand numbered. The boxset will only be available online for NOVEMBER and DECEMBER. After that, it’s gone forever. Pre-Orders are now online: we will send you details on the release and you will get a dispatch notice through PayPal. Please note: if you are not from the UK/IE Region, please contact us at to arrange further postage.

Click here to pre-order!


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